Are you wondering what a Phantom goldendoodle is?

Are you wondering what a “Phantom Goldendoodle” is? Phantom Goldendoodle is a very rare coloring of a goldendoodle. Phantoms are so rare that we can’t predict when we will have more or how often we will have them.

Phantom Goldendoodle colors

There are a variety of different colors of Phantoms:

  • black & apricot
  • black & red
  • black & cream
  • black & gray
  • black & brown
  • black & silver.

The color isn’t what makes a Phanton a Phantom. It’s where the markings of the secondary color occur. The markings must be on certain parts of the dogs’ coats:

  • above each eye
  • on the sides of the muzzle (also referred to as the side of the cheeks)
  • across the dog’s chest
  • down the legs
  • often under the tail

You may hear people refer to these markings as Dobie markings (short for Doberman). However, this pattern also appears on Dachshunds, certain Spaniels, Yorkies, Manchester Terriers and certain Coonhounds.

If you are interested in this rare, but extremely beautiful coloring please contact us and we will be happy to alert you when we have a Phantom!