What’s a Phantom Goldendoodle?

While “The Phantom Goldendoodle” would be an excellent title for a mystery novel, Phantom has nothing to do with ghosts or specters in this context, but Phantom Goldendoodles are still very exciting!

What does “phantom” mean?

Phantom coloring is a rare and unique marking for Goldendoodles. If a dog has phantom coloring that means they are two different colors. But phantom coloring is more than just bringing two colors together. The secondary color must be in specific locations for a dog to be considered phantom.

Phantom marking, which is sometimes referred to as Dobie marking, is similar to that of a Doberman, Yorkie, or Manchester Terrier. The primary color covers most of the body, head and legs on a Phantom Goldendoodle. The secondary color usually appears above the eyes, on the muzzle, chest, and lower parts of the legs, and often inside the ears and under the tail.

What colors are Phantom Goldendoodles?

While the markings may be similar to the black and tan of a Doberman, the colors of phantom Goldendoodles can vary. Phantom Goldendoodles can come in different color combinations, but the primary color is typically black, Red, Chocolate, or Silver.

Black Phantom Goldendoodles may have a secondary color of apricot, red, cream, gray, silver, or brown. The secondary color for red Phantom Goldendoodles and chocolate Phantom Goldendoodles is typically apricot. Silver Phantom Goldendoodles are usually silver and cream.

A dog’s coloring often changes as it grows up. Puppies can be born with certain coloring or markings that change or go away when it becomes an adult.

Phantom Goldendoodles do not develop their markings, however. Phantom goldendoodle puppies are born with their markings, which means that you will know what your goldendoodle will look like as an adult while it’s still a goldendoodle puppy!

Caring for Phantom Goldendoodles

People sometimes wonder if Phantom Goldendoodles are a different breed of dog, or if they have any special needs in terms of care of grooming. Phantom doesn’t indicate a different type of Goldendoodle. It just indicates a unique and very special marking. A Phantom Goldendoodle will have the same loving temperament as any other Goldendoodle, and Phantom Goldendoodles do not require any special care or grooming that’s different from a solid Goldendoodle.