Goldendoodles and Cold Weather

Is winter on its way? Is there a cold snap coming? How will your Goldendoodle handle the cold? Yes, Goldendoodles have more insulation than people, and they have wonderful fur, but that doesn’t mean they are impervious to cold weather. Here is a bit of information about Goldendoodles and cold weather.

Do Goldendoodles like the cold?

You know how you can sit in a room, being freezing cold, while another member of your family complains about being too hot? Dogs handle temperatures differently in the same way that people do.

Generally speaking, Goldendoodles and Goldendoodle puppies love running and playing no matter what the weather is like. Of course, any dog will stop enjoying themselves outside once it gets too cold.

How cold is too cold for outdoor dogs?

Don’t leave your dog outside in cold weather for extended periods of time. Think of it this way: if you would get cold, your Goldendoodle can get cold.

It’s safer to keep dogs indoors during cold weather. If your Goldendoodle is an outdoor dog, make sure you take special measures to keep your Goldendoodle warm in the winter.

An insulated dog house with a covered door and dog bed to provide warmth can offer adequate protection from the cold, but keep an eye on the temperature and bring your outdoor dogs indoors if the temperature gets too low.

Start monitoring your dog to see how they respond to cold weather once the temperature falls below 45°F. If temperatures fall below freezing, consider bringing your outdoor dogs indoors.

Winter care for Goldendoodles

Clean spills

Topping off antifreeze levels in your vehicle? That’s a good idea in cold weather. Just be sure to clean up antifreeze spills in the driveway or garage, so your Goldendoodle doesn’t try to clean it up for you. Antifreeze smells good to dogs, but it’s poisonous.

A sweater isn’t just a fashion statement.

Keep your Goldendoodle’s fur long during the cold weather months. If you keep your Goldendoodle’s fur short, consider a dog sweater.

Wipe their paws

If walking your dog in an area that uses salt or chemical spray to prevent ice, wash your Goldendoodle’s paws once you get home. Your Goldendoodle may lick his paws clean if you don’t, which can make him sick.

Thoroughly dry your Goldendoodle before you let him outside in cold weather.


Keep your Goldendoodle’s paws groomed. Trim the nails and the hair between his toes short. This can prevent his fur from trapping snow or de-icing solutions.

Dry skin

Dry skin during the winter is a common problem for both people and dogs. Consider a moisturizing dog shampoo to keep your Goldendoodle comfortable. Look for oatmeal in the ingredients — it’s soothing and safe.

Keep your Goldendoodle active

Don’t let your Goldendoodle get, lazy, restless, or depressed this winter. Physical activity is important for your dogs, even in cold weather. Take them outside for a walk, or play with them in at the park or in the yard.


Be especially mindful with Goldendoodle puppies and older dogs. Older dogs and young puppies are more sensitive to cold weather.


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