Goldendoodle Grooming


Goldendoodles have gorgeous, usually curly fur. You can keep them looking their best with a monthly trip to the groomer, or you can take care of their coats at home. Plan for some Goldendoodle grooming time, either way.


Since Goldendoodles don’t shed, they need brushing. This helps keep their hair from matting and stimulates their skin to keep their coats beautiful. Try a Slicker brush or another dog brush with firm bristles. Doodles love being brushed, so this can be a daily ritual if you also enjoy it. Frequent brushing keeps your Goldendoodle free of mats.

Some Doodle parents like to brush only after a shampoo. If this is your preference, plan on a weekly bath. Brush your Goldendoodle thoroughly before the bath to avoid tangles.

Wash your Goldendoodle with gentle dog shampoo, use conditioner if you choose, and spend some quality time brushing out that gorgeous fur.


Have clippers and thinning scissors on hand if you choose to trim your Goldendoodle’s coat at home. Like Poodles, Goldendoodles can be styled with special cuts.

  • A Teddy Bear cut is a consistent length all over the body and legs, with a rounder layered trim for the head. Goldendoodles look great with a Teddy bear cut!
  • A Kennel Cut is short all over. You lose the fluffy Goldendoodle look with this cut, but it can be very comfortable in hot weather.
  • A Lamb Cut is a traditional Poodle style which can also look great on a Goldendoodle.  The fleecy type of coat looks especially spiffy with this style.

Many Goldendoodles keep the fur on their bodies long and shaggy, while trimming the legs a bit shorter for freedom to play. You might also choose to trim the “sanitary area” shorter to avoid painful mats.

Goldendoodle grooming is all about lookin’ good, dood, but you should be realistic.  You might want to choose a particular look for your dog, but consider these factors, too:

  • Your skill level, if you want to groom your dog at home.
  • Your lifestyle. Do you have time for regular brushing? Do you and your Doodle enjoy outdoor sports? Do your kids wrassle with the dog? Make sure you’re forthright with your groomer about these things. Some dogs need a shorter coat.
  • Your dog’s temperament. A goofy, happy go lucky dog doesn’t need a high-upkeep look.