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If you are in search of your new Goldendoodle companion or would just like to know more about this wonderful breed, please don’t hesitate to contact Platinum Goldies . We are a premium breeder of Goldendoodles and would love to talk with you.

Fill out the simple form below and we will add you to our list for occasional newsletters — usually announcements of special offers!

If you would like to see some of our past puppies, please visit our Past Puppies page and take a stroll around to see some of our wonderful Goldendoodle babies. We raise both F1 & F1b Goldendoodles, standard and medium size. We work hard to keep our website updated with our most recent puppies that we have available.

If you do not live in Arkansas but would still like one or our wonderful puppies, no worries. We ship with a variety of different ground carriers over the U.S. The cost of to have a puppy shipped depends on the location we are shipping to.   A good estimate for ground shipping is $350.0 However we would need to get a quote based on where the puppy is going.

We would love to talk with you about our puppies!  You can call us at 501-514-1026 or send us an email @ !


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