Bernedoodle Puppies

On occassion we also raise some F1b Micro Mini Bernedoodles, where we use an F1 Bernedoodle Mini Mom and breed her back to a small Poodle. Our micro mini’s usually top out around 15 to 25 lbs. full grown, and are perfect for the family that loves the look of a Bernedoodle but prefers a dog that’s smaller in size.

Over all, Bernedoodles are more relaxed, and chill than over Doodle crosses. This is because the Bernese Mountain Dog is a more laid back and less active dog by nature. If you’re looking for a loyal companion, with a chill personality, a Bernedoodle might just be the dog nitch you need!

We strive at getting the Tri color Bernedoodle’s everyone loves, but on occasion we also raise some awesome Phantom and Black colored Bernedoodle puppies as well.

Because Bernese Mountain Dogs are Northern dogs, they can handle colder weather better than some of the other breeds, but in turn they do need a some extra attention in the summer time if you live in extreme heat areas.

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