Crate Training Mistakes You want to AVOID

Crate training is natural for dogs. They are descended from wild canines that liked to live in caves, so that crate lets your pup get in touch with its caveman (or maybe cavedog) roots and feel comfortable.

It can also save you from cleaning up messes and getting mad about chewed up shoes. For successful crate training, there are some things you want to be sure NOT to do.

Ten Things NOT to Do:

1. Use a container that’s too big. Install the divider if you need one to keep the space small and cozy. Otherwise, your dog will find a place to “GO” out of his  sleeping area.

2. Toss the pup into his crate on the first night without a proper introduction. Make sure he gets used to the area by putting his toys in it and luring him into it with treats.

3. Force him into his den. This will guarantee he will only dislike his crate.

4. Remove him at the first sign of whining or crying. Please resist the noise.

5. Leave him crated all day and then again at night. That’s called “prison for puppies.”

 6. Forget to take the dog outside before going to bed. Chances are you’ll find a surprise the next time you check in on him.

7. Refuse to drag your butt out of bed when a 2-month old canine whines, cries, and barks at 2 am.

8. Tease your dog in his enclosure. If you were imprisoned in a box, would you appreciate your captors  poking at you through the prison bars?

9. Scream and yell at an imprisoned animal because he’s crying and whining. Giving him attention by screaming  encourages more whining, not less.

10. Take him out of his crate and putting him in bed with you. You are asking for all sorts of trouble….where you sleep. Stinky!

Extra credit

It is a neat idea to use hand signals when you train you dog….that way if he can’t hear you, he can still understand!

Remember: reward your golden doodles when they cooperate with crate training…they love to please!