What Are the Best Dog Names for Goldendoodles?

Choosing a name for your pet is a big decision. It’s not like a collar, bandana, or some other accessory that you can change out on a whim. A name is permanent and it will stick with your Goldendoodle for the rest of his life!

Some people choose dog names because they like the way they sound. Others like to name their dog after some significant person, place, or thing. Still others prefer to choose from a list of traditional dog names.

Whichever method you choose to use, put some time and thought into picking out the perfect dog name for your Goldendoodle puppy. Here’s some information to help you find the best dog names for Goldendoodles.

How to choose a name for your dog

Trendy vs. traditional

Do you want a popular dog name, or a unique dog name?

Here are a few popular dog names for Goldendoodles!

A fitting name

Personality is a great way to choose a name for your Goldendoodle. Is your Goldendoodle the strong, silent type? Is she the life of the party? Maybe he’s a wild and carefree spirit. Goldendoodles in general are loving, playful, and loyal, and their name could reflect that.

Named for fame

Maybe you want to name your Goldendoodle after a famous Poodle or Golden Retriever, or a famous celebrity who owned Poodles or Golden Retreivers.

Look alike

Appearance is another popular way to choose dog names. Maybe your Goldendoodle reminds you of a cute and cuddly teddy bear. Teddy would be a great name! Does your Goldendoodle have an apricot coat? Damasco is Portuguese for apricot. A chocolate coat? Look to different brands of chocolate for inspiration.

Standing out

Does your Goldendoodle have a unique defining feature? Maybe special markings or coloring? This can be great inspiration for naming your Goldendoodle.

Short and sweet

Make sure that your Goldendoodle has a name that will be easy to say. It should be short, sweet, and not embarrassing to yell out in public.

Some people like to give their pets longer names, and abbreviate them. Maximilian can be shortened to Max, or Theodore to Teddy, for example.

Avoid confusion

Try to avoid names sound that sound like common commands. For example, names like Kit, Lo, and Tay, sound a lot like “sit”, “no”, and “stay”. This can be confusing for your dog.

Avoid awkward moments

Be careful with common names for people. It could be awkward when you have a guest with the same name as your Goldendoodle.

The perfect fit

Try out a few different names. Make a list of different dog names that you like and see which one best fits best your Goldendoodle!

What are some of your favorite dog names for Goldendoodles? Let us know! Be sure to take a look at our available Goldendoodle puppies while you’re at it!