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goldendoodle puppies

Have you ever heard of a Goldendoodle Overload?


Here at Platinum Goldendoodles, that’s sometimes how we feel! We love this amazing breed sooooo much,  that we feel like we are

overloading our friends will all our  cute pictures of  our Goldendoodles!

But to be honest, it’s a super cute habit to have.  Goldendoodles are so much fun

that once you start taking pictures of these sweet little babies, it’s hard to stop.

Just think, when we are in the middle of photo shoot, we get all the sweet puppy loving one can stand!

These puppies are so friendly, and love to give out wet kisses.

They are curious, fun, and full of life!

And once you get a Goldendoodle Puppy of your own…you will catch the Goldendoodle Overload addiction!

It happens every time! It’s the best addiction one can have, and we have tons and tons of clients that love to share

their awesome Doodle  addiction pics with us!

Don’t believe me, just keep scrolling!




See the addiction? You just cant help yourself!

They are soooo sweet and very photogenic!