Goldendoodle Police Dogs

Goldendoodles make great therapy dogs. One of the latest to hit the headlines is Max, a therapy dog with a police department in Northville, Michigan.

Max is a 19 week old male Goldendoodle. He’s a typical Goldendoodle, affectionate and calm. He’s living with Community Service Officer Andrew Domzalski, who will be his trainer and handler. Their first outing was to an elementary school, and their second to a high school. Goldnedoodles trained as therapy dogs are very popular in schools, too.

Max will start his formal training in November. Right now, he’s just getting to know the people in his new home town and relying on his natural Goldendoodle charm.

Neighboring Livonia also has a Goldendoodle police dog.

Goldendoodles as therapy dogs

Goldendoodles are best known as upscale designer dogs, but they were first developed as service animals. A blind woman needed a guide dog, but her husband was allergic to dogs. An Australian dog breeder named Wally Conron thought about poodles, which are low shedders and less likely to stir up allergic reactions.

Poodles are also smart and easy to train. However, they have some drawbacks as service animals. They like their own way and can be stubborn when they decide that they have a better idea than their humans. They also need a lot of grooming as well as constant challenges, so they can take a lot of time.

Conron thought about breeding a poodle with a Labrador, a sturdy, friendly dog at the top of many people’s lists for service dogs. The result was a Labradoodle, an even tempered and relatively low maintenance dog with little shedding.

Golkdendoodles are a cross between a poodle and a Golden Retriever, one of the sweetest natured dogs around. The result is a dog that’s less likely to cause allergic reactions (though no dog is literally hypoallergenic), enthusiastic, smart, loyal, and agreeable. Just the thing you need for a service dog.

Police dogs and comfort animals

Police dogs often have important jobs beyond providing comfort. They sniff out drugs or bombs, search for missing people, protect officers, and even attack criminals. German Shepherds and Rottweilers are more common choices for police work than Goldendoodles.

But Goldnedoodles are increasingly going to work in community policing divisions, providing comfort to victims of crimes. Neither poodles nor Golden Retrievers have guard dog heritage, so a Goldendoodle is not a natural choice for a watchdog or an attack dog. They’re lovable and sometimes a little goofy.

But Max, and other Goldendoodle police dogs like Topeka’s Gracie and Lincoln, Nebraska’s Hershey are fulfilling an important role in their communities.


Goldnedoodles aren’t the best watch dogs, but they are the best family dogs. Check out our available puppies and choose the best family pup for your household!