Goldendoodle Puppies at Platinum Goldendoodles

Goldendoodle Puppies available now at Platinum Goldendoodles!!!

Ok, maybe they aren’t brand new, but they are growing in popularity, and they are perfect. There are lots of reasons why families are looking at this wonderful breed. First off, Goldendoodle puppies are great for families with children. Goldendoodles are friendly, sweet, and love to be around people. They are wonderful with children, because they have a kind disposition and a gentle temperament. Goldendoodle’s are used a lot as guide dogs for children that suffer with disabilities. They are also great for therapy dogs or dogs used in schools as Educational Therapy Dogs! Because they are extremely intelligent, they can been trained to almost anything.


Another wonderful trait about the Goldendoodle breed, is they are low to non shedding and easy on allergies. So, this makes them a wonderful inside dog and wonderful for families that have allergies.

Goldendoodle puppies come in different sizes and crosses, so some may be breed to be less shedding and more hypoallergenic than others. At Platinum Goldendoodles we raise different crosses, depending on our customers needs.

Below you will find some of our past Goldendoodle puppies, that have moved on to be “Super Stars”…Platinum Goldendoodle Super Stars that is! ย If you see a Goldendoodle in one of these pics that you like, let us know!

You can also see a lot of our Goldendoodle Puppies on Instagram! Just search for #platinumgoldies


goldendoodle puppies

goldendoodle puppies

goldendoodle puppies



Check out our available puppies page to see our current Goldendoodle puppies we have available!

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