Tips for Exercising Your Goldendoodle in the Summer

Dogs need to exercise every day in order to stay happy and healthy. Daily physical activity helps your dog stay fit and at a healthy weight, and it also keeps your pet from getting depressed or bored. While it’s easy to get outside and run around in perfect weather, staying active in the summer heat can be a bit of a challenge. Here are a few tips for exercising your Goldendoodle this summer.

Stay hydrated

It’s very important that you keep your Goldendoodle hydrated. It doesn’t take much for your dog to overheat in the summer. Always carry water and a bowl

Time it right

Exercising your Goldendoodle in the morning and the evening rather than during the middle of the day helps keep your dog out of peak sunlight hours.

How are you feeling?

It’s easier for people to keep than it is for dogs. Goldendoodles have a thick coat, and dogs can’t to stay cool like people can. If you’re feeling overheated, your Goldendoodle may be feeling even worse.

Take it easy

Stick to low intensity activities rather than vigorous exercise. For example, take a leisurely walk instead of going for a run.

Also, try being active more often for shorter periods of time. Instead of running around for an hour, get out and play for 15 minutes on 4 different occasions.

Too hot to trot

It’s easy to forget just how hot surfaces can get during the summer. We can’t feel hot sidewalks, sand, and pavement through our shoes, but dogs can feel the heat on their paws.

Stick to grass and cool surfaces instead.

Play in the water

One of the nice things about hot summer weather is that you get to splash around in the water. Find a river, lake, or swimming hole and let your Goldendoodle enjoy a refreshing dip!

Get acclimated

You don’t walk out from a cool air conditioned home into 100-degree heat and start running around, and neither does your pet. Let your Goldendoodle get used to the heat before exerting lots of energy.

Never leave your dog in the car

Cars can get dangerously hot very quickly. Never, ever leave your Goldendoodle – or any other dog – in a hot car during the summer.

Stay inside

The heat is for the birds. Exercise your Goldendoodle indoors. On really hot days, play tug or fetch and save your outdoor activities for cooler weather.

Hopefully these tips will help your Goldendoodle stay fit as a fiddle and happy as a clam this summer! Looking for Goldendoodle puppies in Arkansas? Stop by the farm to see our adorable Goldendoodle puppies!