Ways to Exercise with Your Dog

Regular exercise and physical activity can help you manage a healthy weight, it reduces your risk for heart disease, strengthens your bones and muscles, decreases your risk for various health conditions including certain types of cancer, and increases your overall health and quality of life. Physical activity is just as important for your dog as it is important for you. Dogs can benefit from exercise in the same way that people can. Some dogs run around and play in the yard of their own volition, but most dogs — like most people — need some motivation to stay active. Here are some ways to exercise with your dog!

Play fetch

This is certainly more exercise for your pet than it is for you, but playing fetch still requires you to move around and be active. It’s easy to play — just toss a ball and shout “Fetch!”. Your dog’s part is to bring the ball back and put it in your hand. You’ll have to teach this game to your puppy, but then there’s lots of fun for you and your furry friend.

Go for a run

Dogs love to run! The best part is that running with your dog doesn’t require special gear or a long drive. You can run around your neighborhood or a nearby park.

Take a hike

There are several things that you want to keep in mind to make sure that your dog stays safe while hiking, and that you have a good time. This is an excellent way to exercise with your dog and see some great scenery.

Ride a bicycle

Well-trained dogs can run alongside you as you ride a bicycle. This can be dangerous, however. Be safe, practice, and make sure that you and your dog are both ready before you take off. Consider a special leash that attaches to your bicycle to make this safer.

Take your dog paddling

They can doggy paddle, but they won’t help much with paddling your canoe. They will enjoy it, though! Be sure to stop and let your dog swim and explore from time to time.


Swimming is a great exercise for you and your dog if you have a dog that enjoys playing in the water. Open water is best, unless you have a pool of your own. Public pools often will not allow dogs to swim, so check first.

Go for a walk

Yes, even a walk around the neighborhood counts as exercise for you and your dog. Let your dog choose the path if you want to shake things up. Instead of calling the shots, or taking the regular route, go wherever your dog leads!

Throw a disc

Some dogs love to chase and catch Frisbee discs. Like fetch, this is more of a workout for your dog than it is for you.


You don’t even need a goal. Grab a ball and find an open space!

Go to the dog park

Dog parks a great place for your pup to socialize and play with other dogs. You can also work with your dog on the agility course!

Tips for exercising with your dog

  • Be active every day! It’s important for you and for your dog’s health, too. According to the CDC you need at least two and a half hours of exercise each week.
  • Remember to carry clean drinking water for your dog. Puddles, ponds, and other natural water sources may be contaminated and unsafe to drink. Think of it this way: don’t let your pet drink water that you wouldn’t drink.
  • Check leash laws. Some states, cities, neighborhoods, or communities don’t allow pets to be off-leash.
  • Be mindful of the temperature. Remember that dogs can’t sweat to cool off the way that people can. Your dog can only keep cool by panting, plus many dogs – such as Goldendoodles – have thick fur coats. Imagine putting on a heavy winter coat, zipping it up, and going for a run. Not only would that be a miserable experience, but it can also be dangerous.

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