Reining in Your Dog When It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

If you don’t like the weather in Arkansas, just wait a few minutes. Spring weather in Arkansas is full of surprises, but you can typically count on a fair amount of rain. A surprise rain shower can ruin a picnic or a parade, but rainy weather can also cause problems for dog owners. Some dogs don’t like going outside in the rain, while others take full advantage of the opportunity to roll around in the mud. Here are a few thoughts to help your dog make it through rainy weather.

Some dogs get scared or anxious during rainstorms

There are several reasons why your dog may dislike storms:

  • Dogs can sense changes in barometric pressure that occur during storms.
  • Maybe they remember getting in trouble for covering the carpets and couch in mud during the last storm.
  • Some dogs dislike loud thunder, or even the sound of rain falling.

Be sure to comfort your dog. Make sure that she has a place where she feels safe and comfortable. A dog bed or crate provides a place where your pet can go if they want to be alone.

What if your dog won’t go outside in the rain?

It’s not uncommon for dogs to refuse to go outside when it’s raining. Your dog might try to wait out the storm, but she will eventually need to go outside.

Try protecting your dog from the rain with an umbrella. This might be enough to convince her to got out. If that doesn’t work, think about getting a large patio umbrella or installing an awning to create a covered space that will help keep your dog out of the rain.

Encourage your dog to go outside in the rain, but don’t force it. Forcing your dog to go outside in the rain can make things worse. You may need to put papers down for her as a temporary measure.

Can you walk a dog in the rain?

Some dogs do better in the rain if they have company. Dogs are pack animals, and your presence could give your pup the courage she needs to brave the elements.

If you decide to walk your dog while it’s raining, keep a few things in mind:

  • It’s more difficult for drivers to see in the rain. This means you should be extra cautious when walking near busy roads or crossing streets. Wear bright colors, reflective clothing, or lights to make yourself more visible.
  • Don’t go out if there’s lightning or thunder. Indoors is the only safe place in a thunderstorm. Walking in these conditions can be dangerous, and it can scare your dog.
  • Dry your dog off before entering the house. Keep dry towels by the door to dry off your dogs feet and fur. This keeps your home clean, and also keeps your dog safe from pneumonia.

Getting energy out indoors

Your dog doesn’t want to go outside while it’s raining, and neither do you. In that case, play indoor games like tug of war, or work on teaching your dog new commands. This will give you and your pet a way to pass the time and help your dog get some extra energy out.

Looking for a dog to spend a rainy day with?

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