National Walk Your Dog Day

February 22nd is National Walk Your Dog Day. If you already take your dog for walks everyday, keep up the good work! If you don’t normally walk your dog, take the opportunity to start a fun and healthy habit. Here are seven reasons why it’s important to walk your dog on a regular basis!

Burn energy

Maybe your dog spends most of his day sleeping at the house while the family is at work or school. Goldendoodles can adapt to this lifestyle, but it can lead to behavioral problems with some dogs. Walking your dog everyday provides an outlet for your dog to get rid of pent-up energy.

Improve mood

Goldendoodles are low maintenance dogs. Some dogs can get moody or upset if they don’t get enough physical activity, however. Getting outdoors and taking walks has been shown to improve mood and mental well being!

Stay fit

Going for a daily walk should be enough to keep most dogs fit and in good physical health, especially dogs like Goldendoodles with average exercise needs. A 30 minute walk each day is an easy way to help make sure that your dog stays in good health.

Stay social

Goldendoodles love meeting new people and making new friends. Whether you choose to walk through your neighborhood, at a park, or on a hiking trail, it’s likely that you will come across other people and other dogs. It’s good for dogs to be comfortable with meeting new people, and it helps keep them properly socialized.

Bonding time

A walk is a great way for you to spend some quality time with your dog, and an easy bonding activity.

Good training

It’s important that your dog obeys commands when you’re out in public. This may even be more important than obedience at home. Taking your dog for daily walks and working on commands like “sit”, “stay”, and “heel” gives your dog plenty of practice to work on obeying these commands away from home.

It’s good for you, too!

Physical activity is good for your physical and mental health, as well. The CDC says that you need at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of physical activity each week. This averages out a 30 minute walk just 5 days a week!

Start the routine on National Walk Your Dog Day; it’s good for you and for your dog! Maybe you’d love to take your dog for a walk, but you don’t have one. Let us help with that! We have Goldendoodle puppies for sale in Arkansas!