Ideas for a Doggy Date Night

February 3rd is the official “Doggy Date Night”, but you can treat your favorite furry friend to some special attention and pampering any day of the year. So what do you do for a doggy date night? The thought of sharing a plate of spaghetti may come to mind, but few people out there would be willing to try to recreate that iconic scene.

Here are a few ways to make your dog feel special and loved for doggy date night that don’t involve pasta.

Shower your pooch with gifts

Get your dog a brand new ball, rope, rawhide or squeaky toy!

A box of chocolates won’t do

Your dog can’t have chocolate, but she can still have a special treat. See if a local bakery sells cupcakes for dogs, or pupcakes. Better yet, try to make pupcakes on your own!

Take your dog out for a meal

Find a dog -restaurant in your area. Some restaurants with a patio or outdoor seating area may allow dogs.

Make a special meal

How would you feel if you ate nothing but dry kibble every day? You don’t have to make a homemade dog food for your pet everyday, but you might want to try to cook a meal for doggy date night.

Spoil your pet

Maybe your dog isn’t normally allowed on the couch or up on the bed. Make an exception!

Go out on the town

You can sometimes find special events for dogs, but even if there aren’t any special doggy events in your town, you can often find events where dogs are welcome. Concerts, movies in the park, open air markets, and many other public events are often dog friendly.

Go on a shopping spree

Find out which stores allow dogs. Outdoor sporting good stores and retail stores often allow pets. Dogs are almost always welcome at pet stores!

Go out for a drink

Many breweries, wineries, and bars allow dogs.

Make time for play time

You’re tired after a long day at work, which means that you don’t always have energy to play with your dog. Make doggy date night all about your pet, and give them plenty of attention. Play games with your dog, go for a walk, or just give your dog lots of attention!


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