Is Your Goldendoodle Ready for the Fourth of July?

Happy Fourth of July from Platinum Goldies! Many of us are looking forward to watching some fireworks tonight. You may love seeing those bright explosions with all of the pops, bangs, and crackles that come with them, that doesn’t mean your dog is as thrilled as you are.

If this is your Goldendoodle’s first Fourth, it’s good to be aware that some dogs get nervous on this fun, exciting holiday.

How does your Goldendoodle handle loud noises?

Goldendoodles are known as a fun loving and playful dog breed. People and dogs have different ideas of fun, however. Thunderous booms and bursts of light in the sky can be scary for dogs, including Goldendoodles.

Think about how your pet handles loud noises. If your Goldendoodle gets skittish during a thunderstorm, there’s a good chance that she could get scared by a fireworks display.

Maybe your Goldendoodle hasn’t been in a storm, and you don’t know what he will do when fireworks start popping. It’s a good idea to play it safe, and prepare for the worst case scenario.

In other words don’t take your pup to the world’s largest fireworks display and see what happens. Consider staying in and seeing how your dog handles a night of fireworks.

Keep in mind that some dogs get so nervous or upset that they may run off during fireworks displays. Make sure that you Goldendoodle has a collar with your address and phone number, as well as a microchip, just in case.

Here are a few tips for keeping your dog comfortable during a fireworks display.

Other tips for your Goldendoodle’s first Fourth

A new, unfamiliar setting with lots of people, and all of the commotion that comes with a holiday cookout may be overwhelming for your dog. Sure, Goldendoodles are wonderfully socially, but there is such a things as too much stimulus. Consider staying in, or hosting an event so your Goldendoodle can enjoy the company in a familiar place.

Keep in mind that you may need to leave early if you bring your pet to a party or event.

Plan activities – such as long walks, hikes, or play time – during the day. This way your Goldendoodle will be worn out when the fireworks start.

Make sure that you Goldendoodle won’t run up to fireworks. Keep your dog on leash even if she’s normally fine without one.

You don’t want your Goldendoodle to eat firework debris. Check your yard and pick up any trash that may have fallen in during the festivities.

Have a wonderful and happy Fourth of July! Contact Platinum Goldies at 501-514-1026 or visit our available Goldendoodle puppies page for more information about our puppies!