Which Goldendoodle Is Right for You?

Did you know that there are different types of Goldendoodle? While all Goldendoodles are the loving and friendly family dogs we all know and love, not all Goldendoodles are the same. So what makes Goldendoodles different, and which type of Goldendoodle is right for you?

Goldendoodle generations

All Goldendoodles are part Poodle and part Golden Retriever, but it’s not always a 50/50 split. The different types of Goldendoodle are categorized by generation. A Goldendoodle’s generation typically indicate which traits you can expect to see.

F1 Goldendoodles

An F1 Goldendoodle puppy has one Poodle parent and one Golden Retriever parent – making them an equal mix of Poodle and Retriever. F1 – or first generation – Goldendoodles typically have low to non-shedding coats.

Their coats typically do not grow longer than 5 inches, and are wavy or curly. On occasion, F1 Goldendoodle puppies may have short coats.

They also benefit from something known as hybrid vigor; this means that F1 Goldendoodle puppies are often healthier than either purebred Poodles or Golden Retrievers

F1b Goldendoodles

F1b means first generation backcross. An F1b Goldendoodle puppy has one first generation Goldendoodle parent and one Poodle parent. This roughly translates to three-quarters Poodle and one-quarter Retriever.

Of all the different types of Goldendoodle, an F1b Goldendoodle puppy is most likely to have a non-shedding coat.

First generation backcross Goldendoodles closely resemble F1 Goldendoodles with wavy or curly coats.

F2 Goldendoodles

An F2 – or second generation – Goldendoodle puppy has two first generation Goldendoodle parents.

It can be difficult to predict physical traits of second generation puppies. This is because F2 Goldendoodle puppies are more genetically diverse than either F1 or F1b puppies.

All of the different types of Goldendoodle are great!

While understanding Goldendoodle generations may help you choose a puppy with the specific traits you admire, all Goldendoodles are wonderful! We breed F1, F1b, and F2 Goldendoodle puppies. Call us at 501-514-1026 for more information, or take a look at our available puppies online!