Are You Ready to Own a Dog?

Getting a dog is a big decision to make. Deciding that you want a dog is the easy part, though — just take one look at a fluffy little Goldendoodle puppy romping around in delight and you will want to buy a Goldendoodle on the spot. However, there’s a difference between wanting  a dog and being ready to own a dog.

You’re responsible for your dog’s safety, happiness, and well-being, and it’s important to make sure that you and your home are actually ready to own a dog.

Do you have the time?

Your dog needs love and attention; this means play time, walks, and exercise every single day. Socializing and training a dog also takes a significant amount of time and attention.

If you already have trouble making time for all of your commitments, it might be best to wait until you have more time to care for a pet.

Are you away from home for long periods of time?

Maybe you travel out of town on the weekends. During the week, there are days when you don’t get home until late at night. Occasionally leaving your dog home alone isn’t a problem, but you don’t want to make a habit of leaving your dog by himself.

Can you afford a dog?

There’s more than the initial cost of a new dog. You also have recurring costs like dog food, vet bills, grooming, any costs involved with training or paying for your dog to stay at a dog day care while you’re at work, or at a kennel while you’re traveling.

What’s your living situation?

Do you live in an apartment or house with a yard? Godlendoodles can live comfortably in an apartment, especially a smaller Mini Goldendoodle. However, you need a plan so that your dog gets outside as much as needed if you live in an apartment.

Get in touch with Platinum Goldies once you’re ready for a dog.

Goldendoodles puppies are great for new and first time dog owners. They are loyal, easy to train, and fast learners. They get along with young children, animals, and they love making new friends.

They adapt to different lifestyles and livings situations, and they are a low maintenance dog breed.

Learning how to be a good dog owner is a process — you learn as you go and you will make mistakes along the way. Some dog breeds are sensitive more sensitive than others, but Goldendoodles don’t hold a grudge!

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