Can a Goldendoodle Live in an Apartment?

There are considerable differences in raising a dog in an apartment and raising a dog in a house. Some dogs can handle the smaller living space of an apartment, but other dogs need the freedom to roam in a large backyard. So how do Goldendoodles handle living in an apartment?

Can a Goldendoodle live in an apartment?

Goldendoodles are versatile dogs that can adjust to many different living situations, including apartment living.

They are very intelligent dogs who are eager to please, which makes them easy to train. Goldendoodles have average exercise needs, and they are good with children, other animals, and new people.

These traits also make them great dogs for first time dog owners.

How big do Goldendoodles get?

Goldendoodle size varies quite a bit. Some Goldendoodles can exceed 75 pounds by the time they finish growing. However, our standard Goldendoodles typically reach 50 to 60 pounds at maturity. Dogs this size can live comfortably in even a small apartment.

We also raise medium Goldendoodles that reach 40 to 50 pounds and mini Goldendoodle puppies that reach 25 to 35 pounds at maturity.

The challenges of raising a dog in an apartment aren’t any worse for a Goldendoodle than other dogs, and Goldendoodles can adjust to these challenges better than many dog breeds.

Goldendoodles are great indoor dogs

Many Goldendoodles are hypoallergenic dogs with a low-shedding to non-shedding coat. This means less hair and better indoor air quality in the apartment. This is especially important for those with allergies or respiratory problems.

Goldendoodles are great indoor dogs, and a Goldendoodle can absolutely live in an apartment.

Whether you live out in the country, in a house with a small back yard, or in an apartment in the middle of town, Goldendoodles make excellent pets.

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