Things To Know Before You Take Your Dog Running

Running with your dog is a great way for the two of you to bond, get exercise, and enjoy fresh air together. Running helps your pet maintain a healthy weight, sleep better, and maintain strong muscles. However, it’s not something that you can jump right into. Here are some things you should know before you take your dog running.

Don’t start too young

Puppies have undeveloped growth plates, and running too much too soon can cause injuries. Avoid running with your dog before at least one year of age.

Check with your vet before you take your dog running to make sure your dog is up for the challenge, and for running advice.

Walk before you run

Make sure your dog is used to going for walks. Practice obedience commands while on walks. Once your dog is running, always warm up with a walk to prevent injuries.

Is your dog ready to run?

Does your dog chase animals and movements? How well does she listen to calls and commands? Does she obey to “stay”, “leave it”, and “heel”?

Don’t rush into running; make sure that your dog is actually ready. This will help prevent accidents and injuries for you and your pet.

Don’t set out to set a record

Your dog can almost certainly sprint faster than you, but that doesn’t mean she can run as far as you. Your dog may start lagging the farther you run. Pay attention to your pet and make sure you adjust your pace to meet your dog’s needs. Build the speed and duration as your dog gets used to running.

Keep your dog on a leash

Even if your community doesn’t have strict leash laws, it’s wise to keep your dog on a leash while running. This ensures that your dog stays safe and out of harm’s way.

However, you should always hold the leash for your safety. Don’t attach the leash to your waist or arm. The larger your dog is, the greater your risk for injury.

Try a dog harness

Consider a dog harness rather than a collar. This is more comfortable for your dog, it gives you more control, and helps keep you and your dog from getting tangled up.

Start in a park or on a trail

Try running on designated trails in the park, or on a greenway, and avoid busy streets. As you and your dog get more comfortable running together, you can explore new routes.

Mind the temperature

Run with your dog in cool weather; avoid running in high temperatures. Dog’s can’t sweat to keep cool ,and they may over heat.

Make sure you have water for your dog

Your dog’s only options for cooling off are panting and drinking water. Make sure that your dog has ready access to cool, clean water.


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