The Real Cost of Owning a Dog

Costs of Owning a Goldendoodle

How much does a dog cost? This is a difficult question to answer. Some puppies are free, and some puppies cost thousands of dollars. But the cost of owning a dog doesn’t stop after you buy a puppy. Responsible pet ownership is a continuous process and there is an ongoing cost of owning a dog.

One of the first things that you must do before you bring a puppy into your home is make sure that you are ready for a puppy; this includes understanding the costs involved. No matter what the initial cost is, owning a dog is a lifelong financial investment.

Outside of the purchase price, you must also purchase supplies and accessories for your new Goldendoodle. Here is a general breakdown of potential prices for supplies and veterinary care.

One Time Purchases

Collar: $5.00 – $20.00

  • For a young puppy, you may want to consider purchasing a harness as well. This will put less strain on a new puppy’s neck. 

Tags: $5.00 – $20.00

  • Even if you have a microchip for your Goldendoodle, a tag is essential to their wellbeing. In the case your puppy escapes or runs away, a tag will indicate ownership and a phone number to reach you.

Leash: $15.00

Food & Water Bowls: $10.00 for each

  • You may be able to find these for less if you’re a bargain hunter. There are also purchasing options that come with both the food and water bowls!

Spaying or Neutering: $50.00 – $500.00

  • The price of spaying/neutering depends greatly on your location. Some areas offer free spay and neuter services or low cost options. You can speak to your veterinarian about which facilities offer low cost spay and neuter operations. 
  • Some vets offer plans in which you can pay every month for the first year of care, including the spay or neuter.
  • Spaying a female is generally more expensive than neutering a dog. Spaying a female dog is a major surgery that includes a longer recovery time. 

Puppy Vaccinations: $50+

  • If you choose to go the route of a care plan with your veterinarian, you may pay a bill every month to include the appointments, shots, and vaccinations. 
  • Vaccinations happen over the course of a few months. You’ll have to factor in the cost of the appointment as well.

Crate: $25.00+

  • The cost of a crate depends on the quality, size, and type. It’s up to you to decide which option will work best for you and your Goldendoodle in the long run.

Obedience Training: $150.00+

  • You always have the option to train your dog at home! Although, if you’re a first time Goldendoodle owner, it may be wise to enlist the guidance of a professional. 

Recurring Costs

Yearly Vaccinations: $10.00+

  • Your Goldendoodle will need a DHPP and Rabies booster every year.

Wellness Checks: $45.00+

  • Depending on your location and vet practice, this cost can vary. Just like a child, your dog will need to visit the veterinarian every year to make sure they are healthy!

Flea & Tick Treatments: $25.00+

  • There are many flea and tick treatments on the market today. Usually, the cheaper they are – the less effective the treatment. Keep in mind, a flea infestation is not only uncomfortable for your dog, it is also a hassle to get rid of!
  • Ticks carry deadly diseases. Lyme disease being the most notable. Treatments are necessary. 
  • Speak with your veterinarian about their recommendations for these treatments.

Heartworm Medication: $5.00 – $15.00

  • This can also vary depending on the treatment you choose. 
  • According to the American Animal Hospital Association, the average cost to treat a dog with heartworms is between $400 and $1,000.

Food: $20.00 – $60.00 per month

  • Consult your vet about which dog foods are the most nutritious and appropriate for your Goldendoodle. It may take a little time to find their perfect dog food!

Grooming: $35.00 – $60.00

  • You may feel comfortable grooming and trimming your Goldendoodle at home! In this case, you will need to calculate the cost of the supplies you’ll need.

Boarding & Doggie Day Care: $25.00 – $65.00

  • When the time comes for a vacation that your Goldendoodle can’t join in on, you may have to board him/her! 
  • If you’re working long hours every day, doggie daycares are an option. Especially for puppies that will need near constant attention and potty breaks!

Treats: $5.00 – $15.00

  • This cost will vary depending on brand, quality, and type. 

Toys: $5.00+

  • Every Goldendoodle needs a nice array of fun and interesting toys to engage their minds! Remember, Goldendoodles are extremely intelligent dogs and need mental stimulation to reach their full potential.


A Goldendoodle, or any dog, is an investment. Having a dog is a lifelong commitment and one that can elevate and improve your life every day. It’s important to know what you’re taking on when you adopt a Goldendoodle. Use this guide to do your own research and create a budget to prepare yourself for the adventure of owning a Goldendoodle!