Should You Use CBD Products on Your Goldendoodle?

These days, many people praise CBD and THC products for their wondrous effects, claiming they can induce relaxation and relieve anxiety. But the question is, is this product safe for your Goldendoodle? As always, you should consult your veterinarian before administering any supplement or medication to your dog.

Is your Goldendoodle stressed?

Unfortunately, there is no “cure-all” for anxious behavior. Stress and anxiety can be caused by passing cars, new people, or unpredictable situations – such as a nail trim! Before moving forward to any treatment of symptoms, it’s best to determine the cause of your Goldendoodle’s anxiety. Behaviors such as chewing or barking can be corrected with diligent and appropriate training. 

If you feel that you’ve run out of options and are now looking for alternative methods of relief for your dog, then you may have considered CBD supplements or oils. CBD is claimed to be beneficial to both dogs and humans. This component of the hemp plant is not psychoactive. You may notice your dog calming down, becoming more relaxed, and having an increased appetite! It has also been said to relieve pain associated with arthritis and improve joint health.

These are some pretty steep promises. But the honest truth is that there is little research to reference when it comes to Goldendoodles and CBD products. While the short-term effects seem to be promising, there is no telling what these products may cause long-term.

Use caution

The best advice that can be offered is to ALWAYS consult your veterinarian on these products. Some are better than others. Another thing to consider is that these products are largely unregulated in many states. There could be traces of THC in these supplements that could lead to adverse reactions — such as increased anxiety due to the effects of THC.

Talk to your veterinarian and use their recommendation to make your final decision regarding your Goldendoodle and CBD. They will be able to guide you in the right direction and advise you on dosing, reliable sources, and potential side effects!