Potty Training Your Puppy

Are you trying to Potty Train Your Puppy? Are you in need of potty training tips for your new puppy? We can help you! We know that potty training your puppy can be difficult and trying at times, so let us make this task easy for you!

Start with a crate

Puppies will not use the potty where they sleep. It is very important to establish a “sleep home” for your puppy! By using a crate for your puppy to sleep in you will find it much easier to potty train your new puppy.

Once a puppy establishes the crate as their “sleep home” the puppy is crate trained and will sleep in his crate without a fight!

Get in a routine

Make a routine to help with the potty training of your puppy! The puppy will be ready to change his/her routine to fit your schedule. Puppies are very easy-going and can change quickly.

First thing when you get up in the morning after your puppy has been asleep in his crate for the night take him outside immediately.  Let him use the potty and then give him a treat and much praise. Allow your puppy to eat and drink while you are getting ready for your day. Then, before you leave, take your puppy outside and allow it to go potty one more time before going to their “sleep home”.

If the puppy does not potty when it is put outside then it must be returned to the crate.  Do not let it run around the house as it  will find a place to use the bathroom — usually within a few minutes of coming back in.  Leave it in the crate for about 30 minutes and then head back outside.  This gives your puppy one more chance to potty outside after being fed. Potty Training Your Puppy is very rewarding once you have conquered the task!

Be consistent

ALWAYS try to stay on the same routine each morning and continue throughout the day…this will make for a very quick potty training experience. Just like children, puppies need structure. If you are not able to stay on the same or close to the same schedule each day for your potty training it will take more time.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS give your puppy praise each time it uses the potty outside! TREATS are a great thing when potty training your puppy!