Tips to Prevent Pet Theft

It’s scary to think about and difficult to believe, but pet theft happens. Sometimes a dog gets lost and the family that finds him decides to keep him. Dogs can be snatched out of cars, lured out of backyards, and taken from distracted owners.

Goldendoodles are friendly and sociable dogs, which is a great quality in a family pet. However, it’s also easier to take a sweet and friendly dog than one that’s guarded around strangers. Goldendoodles are also a very popular dog breed. Some people are willing to steal to bring a Goldendoodle into their home. Here are a few tips to help prevent pet theft.

Keep your dog on a leash

Some neighborhoods and communities don’t have leash laws. Regardless of whether or not walking your dog without a leash is allowed, it’s always a good idea to keep your dog on a leash.

This prevents your dog from wandering or getting lost, and makes it less likely for pet theft to occur.

Check your fence

Make sure that your fence is in good condition. Look for loose boards, holes in the fence, places where your dog has been digging, and make sure that latches on any gates close properly.

Pet theft is more likely if your dog is able to leave your yard and roam unattended.

Watch your pet

Don’t leave your dog outside unattended for extended periods of time, especially overnight or while you’re away from home.

Don’t leave your dog alone in a car or outside of a shop or store. This is a no-brainer when it’s hot outside, but this applies in cooler weather too.

Dogs that are left out in the open are more likely to be taken by people passing by.

Keep tags current

Have your pet’s name and your current phone number on your dog’s collar. This makes it easier for your lost pet to find his way home.

Get a microchip

Pet theft is rarely an accident. If someone takes your dog, they can remove collars and tags. Veterinary clinics can scan for microchips, which can help crack down on pet theft.

Be cautious

Goldendoodles get a lot of attention out in public. They’re beautiful dogs, and people often have questions about Goldendoodles. You don’t have to shoo away any admirers and refuse to speak to people who are interested in your pet, but you should be mindful of overly curious strangers.

“Where do you live?” and “Do you keep your dog outside?” aren’t questions that come up in casual conversation. Don’t disclose information that could put your dog at risk of pet theft.

Don’t support pet theft

Never buy a dog that’s been stolen. If you’re purchasing a purebred dog, or a designer dog such as a Goldendoodle, the seller should be able to answer all of your questions and even show you the puppy’s parents.

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