Keeping Your Goldendoodle at a Healthy Weight

Goldendoodles come in all shapes and sizes. Our Goldendoodle puppies typically range from 25 pounds to 75 pounds depending on the type of Goldendoodle! This means that a healthy weight for one Goldendoodle might not be a healthy weight for another Goldendoodle. So how do you know if your Goldendoodle is at a healthy weight?

Why are some Goldendoodles bigger than others?

The main reason why there’s such a large range for Goldendoodle size is because there are different types of Goldendoodles. Our mini Goldendoodle puppies will be 25-35 pounds, our medium sized Goldendoodles are 40-50 pounds fully grown, and our standard Goldendoodle are between 50 and 75 pounds at maturity.

This means that 45 pounds is a healthy weight for a medium Goldendoodle; it would be overweight for a mini Goldendoodle, and underweight for a standard Goldendoodle, however.

Also, Goldendoodles are designer dogs that combine all the best traits of a Poodle with a Golden Retriever. This always results in a perfect dog, but it makes predicting traits difficult.

Of course, there’s also the fact that some dogs are just bigger or smaller than others. Any litter of puppies, no matter what dog breed, will have some larger dogs and smaller dogs in the mix.

How can you tell if your Goldendoodle is a healthy weight?

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention reports that 55.8% of dogs in the U.S. are overweight or obese. Sometimes you can tell whether your dog is overweight by his appearance. However, you won’t be able to see your dog’s silhouette if your Goldendoodle has a long, thick coat.

The best way to tell if your Goldendoodle is fit or overweight is to feel for his ribs. Check during bath time, so you can see your dog’s shape and get a better feel. You should be able to feel your dog’s ribs with light pressure. Your dog might be obese if you can’t feel his ribs, or you must press down hard to feel them.

If you’re not sure if your Goldendoodle is a healthy weight, you can take him to the vet. They can help determine whether your dog is underweight, fit, or overweight.

Ways to keep your Goldendoodle at a healthy weight

Diet and exercise are essential to keep your Goldendoodle at a healthy weight.

Make sure that your Goldendoodle eats the right amount of food each day. Avoid feeding your dog too many treats on top of his regular meals. Also, try not to feed your Goldendoodle table scraps.

Some human foods are bad for dogs, but it can be difficult to keep track of just how much food your dog is eating if different family members feed your dog from the table at different meals throughout the day. Plus not giving your dog people food helps prevent a bad habit of begging.

Your dog needs exercise every single day on top of a healthy diet. Dogs need between 30 minutes and two hours of physical activity to be healthy. If your dog is overweight or not used to walking, start with easy 10 to 15 minute walks. Gradually build the pace and duration of your walk.

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