Is Dog School Right for Your Goldendoodle?

All dogs should go through at least some type of training. Maybe you just want your dog to learn how to sit, stay, and come to you on command. Others want their dogs to walk off-leash, perform tricks, and be on their best behavior in the crowds at the farmer’s market. Every dog can benefit from dog school, especially if you’re a new dog owner.

Why take your dog to dog school?

Proper training helps improve your dog’s mental health and prevent behavioral issues, it makes life easier for you and your pet, it keeps your dog safe, and it helps prevents potentially awkward situations.

But do you really need to take your dog to dog school? While it’s possible to train and socialize your dog on your own, it’s easier if you go through obedience training with others.

These are just a few of the benefits of obedience training in a class setting.

  • Improve behavior. Your dog will learn what he should and shouldn’t do at dog school. Dogs that go through obedience training are less likely to have behavioral problems later in life.
  • Improve mental health. A properly trained and socialized dog is less likely to have anxiety and depression. Plus, dogs look forward to dog school!
  • Teach your dog commands. Sit, stay, and heel are useful commands that can keep your dog safe and out of danger.
  • Properly socialize your dog. Dog school exposes your puppy to new dogs and new people in an unfamiliar setting. Socialization keeps your dog from barking guests into a corner, and makes it easy to take your dog out in public.

While you can train and socialize your dog at home, dog school gives you access to knowledgeable trainers. Dog school helps fast-track socialization, and it’s easier for your puppy to learn when he can watch and learn from the other dogs. Plus, dog school can keep your accountable with your training and help reinforce training.

Godlendoodles thrive in dog school

Your Goldendoodle will graduate at the head of the class. Goldendoodles are very fast learners and they are eager to please, which means that they are easy to train. They’re also very sociable; they get along well with other dogs and other humans. This means that your Goldendoodle will have a great time making new friends at dog school!

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