How to Keep Your Goldendoodle From Barking

Virtually all dogs bark. Excitement, concern, fear, and anger are just a few of the reasons why your dog communicates through barking. Your dog may bark at strangers, or when you reach for the leash, or maybe your dog wants to join in the chorus of neighborhood dogs. While barking is a normal thing that most dogs do, you may feel as though your dog barks excessively, or maybe you find it embarrassing when your dog barks at company. Sometimes Goldendoodles bark, and sometimes they don’t; it varies from dog to dog. However, there are a few things that you can do to help curb Goldendoodle barking.

Understand why your Goldendoodle is barking.

Your Doodle may be protecting her territory. She might bark because she feels threatened, or she wants to protect her family.  Loud or unexpected noises, visitors in the home, or movement near your home may set your Goldendoodle barking.

May your doodle just needs some attention. She may need for or water, or or she may want to go outside.

Stress and anxiety can also cause your dog to bark. Understanding what cause your dog to bark is important in learning how to help keep your Goldendoodle from barking.

Create a safe place for your Doodle dog.

If your dog barks at company, try setting up a room that your dog will feel safe and comfortable in. Put some background noise on in the room, and make sure there are treats and toys to keep your dog entertained. This also helps by removing the triggers from your dog’s line of sight.

Make sure your Doodle is used to being alone.

Separation anxiety is common for friendly, loving dogs like Doodles, especially if they never learn to be alone. Maybe you got your puppy when people were able to spend lots of time at home. As your family spends more time away form home, your dog may grow more upset. Goldendoodles are smart dogs that are good at adapting, they will gradually learn that time alone can be a calm, relaxing time.

Keep your Goldendoodle physically active.

The more energy that your dog burns, the less bothered she will be by the things that trigger barking. Take your Doodle for a run, or take her to the dog park to get rid of some extra energy. Play fetch or take your doodle for a hike.

Socialize your Goldendoodle puppy to prevent barking.

The more sights, sounds, and stranger that your puppy is around, the more confident and comfortable your dog will be in life. Introduce your Goldendoodle puppy to as many new things as possible, especially in the early stage of her life.

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