Will Goldendoodles Play?

If you are looking to buy a Goldendoodle puppy, you might have a few questions you would like answered first. For example, maybe you want to know if Goldendoodles like to play. Goldendoodles are sweet, fun-loving family dogs that enjoy playing with their humans.

Yes, Goldendoodles love to play!

Most puppies like to romp around and play. They are discovering the new world that they are in. They are curious, and they like to learn through playing. Many puppies “grow out” of this playfulness, however.

This is not the case for Goldendoodles. Doodles dogs love to play as puppies and they maintain this playfulness throughout their life! They are sociable, friendly, and loving dogs that get along great with small children, other dogs, and new people.

Goldendoodles are athletic dogs that can keep up with all the playtime you can throw their way!

Playfulness vs. energy

There’s an important distinction between energy levels and playfulness. Goldendoodles like to play, but this does not mean that they are high-energy. These dogs have average activity needs, and spending 30 minutes to one hour a day walking or playing with your dog is enough to keep them happy and healthy. This physical activity is a great way for you to stay happy and healthy, too!

Goldendoodles adapt to their home

Goldendoodles are highly adaptable dogs. Yes, they are playful, but they aren’t demanding. Goldendoodles enjoy chasing and playing fetch, but they are also content relaxing when the family feels like winding down.

Doodles generally adjust well to the their family’s lifestyle. If you love hiking and spending your time outside playing in the yard, your Doodle will keep up. If you’re more of a board games, books, and movie night type of family, Goldendoodles will love curling up for family time.

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