8 Ways to Keep Your Goldendoodle Cool This Summer!

Summertime is here and it’s time to get outside, enjoy the sunshine, and explore your local swimming areas! Your Goldendoodle is sure to love all this outdoor time as well. Goldendoodles are active companion dogs who will love accompanying you on all of your adventures. Follow this guide and stay cool all Summer with Platinum Goldendoodles’ Great 8 Tips & Tricks!

  1. Provide Plenty of Fresh Drinking Water!

Whether you’re in the backyard or exploring the outdoors on a hike, make sure to provide fresh, cool water at all times to keep your Goldendoodle hydrated. It’s a good idea to invest in a small, collapsible bowl that is easily transported no matter where you go! Give your Goldendoodle a small amount of water every 15-20 minutes and avoid giving them too much at once, as this can upset their stomach.

2. Choose Your Outdoor Time Wisely

Summertime is notorious for shockingly hot midday temperatures. Do your best to avoid these unforgiving times of day with your Goldendoodle. Aim to get your exercise and play times in the evening and early morning, the coolest parts of the day. If you’re planning on spending a day at the lake, river, pool, or beach with your Doodle, make sure to bring plenty of water and find adequate shade so they can cool themselves off.

3. Always Check the Pavement

Black pavement and asphalt are brutally hot in the Summer and can be 40 to 60 degrees hotter than outside temperatures. So, a balmy, 80-degree day can leave the pavement at a whopping 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit. Before venturing off on a walk around the neighborhood, check the street with your hand, if you can’t handle the heat – your Goldendoodle can’t either! Boots can be a good tool to protect their paws, but these can heat up as well and still cause injuries to those precious paw pads. Stick to shaded trails and walks with access to grass when the pavement is likely to be hot!

4. Parked Cars Are a Big No-No All Year Round!

It’s a well-known fact that cars can reach blistering temperatures in the summer, as hot as 172 degrees Fahrenheit. Never leave your Goldendoodle in the car, even if the windows are cracked. It’s a dangerous practice that can lead to heat stroke, or worse. If you need to leave your dog for any reason, keep the car running with the air conditioning on. When this isn’t a possibility, it’s best to leave your Goldendoodle companion at home!

5. A Wet Goldendoodle is a Happy Goldendoodle

Goldendoodles have a natural affinity for water and love to swim, soak, and splash! Water is a fast and effective way to lower and maintain your Goldendoodle’s body temperature, not to mention – even a quick dip feels so nice on a hot summer day! Since it isn’t possible for everyone to visit the water daily, try investing in a plastic kiddy pool or sprinkler to keep in your backyard. That way, your Goldendoodle can join in on all the outdoor fun when you do!

6. Frozen Treats and Toys

Yes, even Goldendoodles enjoy a cold treat on hot summer day! Best of all, frozen treats are easy, affordable, and easily adjustable to your Goldendoodle’s preferences and sensitivities. There are plenty of recipes online that include anything from frozen chicken to bananas and peanut butter. If cooking, or freezing, isn’t your thing, there are also cooling dog toys that are filled with water and frozen overnight, making staying cool convenient, easy, and mess-free.

7. Summer Haircuts are Trending!

Before the “dog days” of summer, take your Doodle to the groomer, or use your own clippers, for a fresh summer trim! Not only will this keep your dog cool, it will also make maintaining their coat more manageable. Long, wet hair is not easy to brush through, not to mention mud or debris can become tangled and matted in their fur after a rewarding day outside. Avoid shaving their coat all the way down, Goldendoodles can get sunburns too! If the cut does get a little too short and their skin is exposed, invest in a sun shirt for your Goldendoodle that blocks harmful UV rays.

8. Heat Stroke is a Serious Hazard.

Lastly, know the warning signs of heat stroke. 50% of dogs that suffer from a heat stroke will not survive. Listlessness, vomiting, and disorientation are all signs of a heat stroke. If you’re suspicious that your Goldendoodle might be at risk, seek a veterinarian’s care immediately.