Heat Stroke in Goldendoodles

Summertime is officially here and alongside all of the fun activities that can be enjoyed under the sun, there are some risk factors if precautions aren’t taken. Luckily, Goldendoodles are not genetically predisposed to heat stroke.  That’s good news for Doodle owners. Nevertheless, you must be prepared and aware to keep your Goldendoodle safe from the summer heat!

Understanding Heat Stroke

When your Goldendoodle’s internal temperature exceeds 105 degrees Fahrenheit, they will experience a heat stroke. If this occurs, your Goldendoodle will not be able to adequately regulate their body temperature through panting or vasodilation, the process of bringing overheated blood to the ears and face to cool down. Unfortunately, heat stroke can be life threatening to your Goldendoodle, but there are ways to prevent and treat this condition.

When your dog is showing signs of overheating or heat stroke, they may pant excessively, breath faster, drool excessively, or have red gums or tongue. Vomiting and diarrhea can occur, along with hyperactivity and difficulty maintaining balance. In the worst case, they may become listless, collapse, or lose consciousness.

Too much fun on an especially hot and humid day can lead to a heat stroke, but there are other contributing factors to watch out for. Excessive heat without ventilation, such as sitting in a hot car, improper shade, and limited access to fresh water all put your Goldendoodle at risk for heat stroke. Prevention is your number one tool to combat a possible heat stroke.

Prevention and Treatment

Some dog breeds are at a higher risk for heat stroke due to inherited characteristics, such as a short snout or a thick undercoat. Goldendoodles are not among this high-risk category, but a long, unruly coat can be a contributing factor and shaving your Doodle down in the summer is not going to have a detrimental impact on their fur. In fact, shaving them down in the summer will make them more comfortable. Cooling off will be a lot easier.

When planning an adventure with your Goldendoodle, it is a good idea to be aware of the area you’ll be in and plan accordingly. Always have fresh water, shade, and adequate rest areas available to your dog. On that note, try your best to limit their activity outside on especially brutal days or plan your activities for the mornings and evenings when the day is generally cooler.

Be aware of your Goldendoodle’s age as this can also be a contributing factor to heat stroke and stress. Young puppies and senior dogs will not be able to endure the brutal temperatures as well as an adult Goldendoodle.

If your Goldendoodle is experiencing symptoms of overheating, carry them to a cool, air-conditioned area. If this is not possible, try to spritz them with cool water or place a damp towel on their underbelly; but never use ice in any capacity as this can lead to constriction in the blood vessels and make their body’s natural response less effective. Cooling your dog off too quickly can lead to organ failure and shock. In any case of possible heat stroke, it is vital that you take them to a veterinarian immediately for treatment, as this can help your Goldendoodle make a complete recovery.

Prevention is your best bet against a possible heat stroke. With care, you’re sure to have a fabulous summer with your Goldendoodle! Go explore, make memories, and stay cool on these hotter than hot days!