What’s so great about a Mini Goldendoodle?

  • Mini Goldendoodles are great for people with allergies as they have hypoallergenic coats.
  • They are suitable for small living spaces as they aren’t very big and are easy to handle.
  • Goldendoodles are intelligent, affectionate and make great family pets.
  • The mini goldendoodle is a great choice for families with young children as they are gentle and patient.
  • They often have a playful nature and enjoy activities such as fetching, running, and jumping.
  • They are easy to train due to their intelligence, making them great for first-time dog owners.
  • Mini goldendoodles are known for being loyal and loving companions.

These amazing puppies are the perfect fit for being happy around people and full of love. Their excitement and sweet energy are unmatched to other dog breeds as they are easy to be around and even easier to love. You can find many mini Goldendoodles cuddling up to their family or playing in the yard with their kid “friends”.

At Platinum Goldendoodles we have been specializing in Mini Goldendoodles for over 12 years, and we constantly working to improve our breeding program. We strive for that Teddy Bear look, thick face and Teddy Bear build. Eddie, in the above picture is one of our Teddy Bear super stars and he has all the looks we strive for.

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