Traits that Make Goldendoodles Easy to Train

There are many factors that affect how easy it is to train a dog. The knowledge of the trainer, the quality of the training, and when a dog starts dog training are just a few of the key factors. It also depends on the individual dog. Some dogs are easier to train than others. Goldendoodles are highly trainable dogs; there are several traits that make Goldendoodles easy to train.


Golden Retrievers and Poodles are two of the smartest dog breeds on the planet, and they pass this intelligence down to Goldendoodles. Doodles are highly intelligent dogs, which helps them learn new commands quickly.


Goldendoodles are dedicated dogs. Loyalty helps dogs quickly develop a trusting bond with their humans. This trait is especially useful with obedience training. The stronger the trust between you and your dog, the easier it is to teach your dog new commands.

Desire to please

Your puppy isn’t motivated to learn new things. Your puppy is motivated to pursue what it desires. Goldendoodle puppies have a strong desire to please their people. This desire to please helps bolster positive reinforcement training.

Goldendoodle puppies crave your praise and approval; use this praise to reward behaviors, and help your puppy learn new commands.

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Intelligence, loyalty, and a strong desire to please helps make training Goldendoodles easy. However, this trainable quality isn’t what makes Doodles one of the most popular dog breeds.

Goldendoodles easy to train, but they’re also among the most loving and affectionate dog breeds around. They make great dogs for first-time dog owners, and they’re ideal dogs for families with children.

Doodles are also beautiful dogs!

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