The Right Time to Leave My Goldendoodle Home Alone

Goldendoodles are one of the most energetic and playful breed of dogs you could own. As a cross between Golden Retrievers and Poodles, the Goldendoodle inherits its intelligence, loyalty, and sociability from its parent breeds. This means they want and need lots of your attention.

But you can’t be home all the time. Work, school, and your human social life, not to mention summer day trips, can take you out of your home.

How do you decide your Goldendoodle is ready to be left on her own? How do you prepare for this event? Are you or she going to suffer from separation anxiety?

Chewing on the furniture

Having your Goldendoodle chewing on the furniture is never a fun thing and often expensive. She could be lonely. Goldendoodles have lots of energy and they love people. They need sufficient social time. Think of extroverts who need the presence of people to recharge their batteries.

If she’s bored, chewing furniture might feel like a good outlet to her. What if there is some construction going on nearby while you’re at work or play, and you’re not there to comfort her? This could lead to her feeling stressed or anxious. Again, chewing on your antique writing desk might fill her needs.

When you start training your Goldendoodle from the beginning, you have had to control her environment. A good way to start is walking around the house with her attached to your hip by a collar and leash. If she starts chewing on your furniture, you are there to correct her. Say no. And give her something constructive to do. Give her a ball or durable toy to chew on.

Avoiding the messes

One of the best ways to avoid her making a mess in the house is to get her on a feeding and bathroom schedule from the beginning. First thing when you wake up, take her outside to use the bathroom. Reward her with attention, petting, and maybe a treat. Bring her in and feed and water her.

By allowing her to free feed and have unlimited water, you are courting an accident if you are not there 24/7 to run her outside. Deciding to leave her at home alone is going to depend on how well you have her trained to use the bathroom. Both younger and older dogs will need to go more frequently, so leaving a senior dog at home while you work eight hours may not be the best choice.

Is it time?

When your Goldendoodle can entertain herself by choosing to chew on a ball or toy over your furniture and when she can control her bladder and bowels for extended durations, she will be ready to let you go on a dinner date or to the movies.

Remember, Goldendoodles love your attention. Once you have her sufficiently trained to stay extended periods by herself, make sure to give her plenty of love when you get home.