Snacks for Your Goldendoodle?

After a long day when the clock is telling you it’s not quite dinner time and it’s too far past lunch, many people like to grab a little snack to help tide them over until the evening meal. Throw back a handful of raisins, maybe a few grapes, or some heart-healthy almonds. Then you see your Goldendoodle at your feet looking up at you like you are the center of her universe. Plus, you happen to be snacking on something.

What’s it going to hurt? A little human food never hurt anything, right? All in moderation, they say. However, this is not true in some cases. Some of the foods you slip to your Goldendoodle for a little snack can end up in a hefty vet bill or even worse.

There are some human foods she can handle just fine. Others, you should avoid at all cost.

Foods to avoid

Macadamia nuts and almonds are some of the best sources for nutrients a human could eat. You do not want to give either to your Goldendoodle. LET’S SAY THAT AGAIN! Do not ever feed your companion macadamia nuts or almonds. The former are extremely poisonous to dogs, leading to vomiting, elevated internal temperature, paralysis, and lethargy if consumed. Almonds may not possess the same level of toxicity for your Goldendoodle, but if not chewed completely, they can cause physical damage by tearing the esophagus. They also cause water retention if they’re salted.

Who doesn’t like a piece of dark chocolate to quiet the tummy grumbles? Your Goldendoodle. She may like the taste, but she is not going to like the aftereffects. And neither will you when you see the harm it causes her. Methylxanthines are toxic to dogs, causing diarrhea, vomiting, seizures, and death. They are found in chocolate. Also, in coffee and tea. If your dog gets hold of your chocolate bar, immediately call the vet or pet poison hotline.

Garlic is another no-no. It can cause symptoms similar to heat exhaustion like pale gums, elevated heart rate, and collapse. Grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs because of the tartaric acid content found in them. This causes vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst, and renal (kidney) damage or failure. Keep a special eye on fields where your Goldendoodle may play because even wild grapes can be toxic.

So, what can I give my Goldendoodle?

Dogs can eat carrots. Cooked or raw, they contain loads of healthy vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Cutting them into little bite-sized pieces is a quick way to give her a healthy snack. Dogs love peanut butter. It has proteins and is healthy in moderate amounts. Because of its caloric content, keep it moderate so it doesn’t make your Goldendoodle add on weight.

Cooked eggs can give your Goldendoodle healthy vitamins, minerals, and protein. Cooked, bone-free salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids that help her skin, fur, and nervous system. Neither food should be fed raw to your Goldendoodle. Moderate quantities of cheese are good.

For a cool snack during the hot summer temperatures, avoid ice cream. Instead, try freezing bite-size pieces of strawberries, raspberries, and apples to help calm the grumbles and cool the temps. And the best summertime fruit of all time is good with the seeds and rind removed: Watermelon!

You can share your snacks with your Goldendoodle. Just be aware of what she is eating.