Fat Tail Billy Goat


Fat Tail Billy Goat
Small 16″

Designed for dogs who like to shake, toss, tug, snuggle, and squeak their toys. Stuffing in the head and tail provide a great grip for tug-of-war, and the perfect amount of plush for cuddle time. Constructed with a patented squeaking assembly, this toy squeaks when both ends are pulled simultaneously. As versatile as it is fun, Fat Tails are ideal for both interactive play between pawrent and pooch, as well as multi-dog tug time.

  • Tug – Playing tug-of-war helps your dog relieve stress
  • Squeak/Crinkle – Best squeak on the block to drive your dog bonkers & crinkle material to add to the fun
  • Snuggle – When playtime is over, these are great for cuddle time and a little doggie nap

Available sizes:
Small 16″ x 5″

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