New Year’s Resolutions for Dog Owners

The beginning of a new year leads people to reflect on their previous year and look towards the next. Maybe you give yourself a set of goals or establish New Year’s resolutions every January. These goals and resolutions often focus on self-care or self-improvement. Dogs aren’t familiar with the concept of resolutions or self-betterment, though. Help improve your pet’s year with these New Year’s resolutions for dog owners.

Walk every day

Exercise is important for pets as well as people. You and your dog need exercise every day, and walking is a great way for you and your dog to meet your physical activity requirements each day.

Eat right

Some of the foods that people eat can be harmful for dogs. But even if the food itself isn’t harmful for your pet, feeding your dog outside of meal times can lead to bad habits or poor health.

Limit treats that your dog eats and avoid giving your dog table scraps to prevent begging.

Your dog’s food has a direct affect on his health. Make sure that you choose high-quality, nutritious food for your dog.

Learn a new skill

You actually can teach an old dog new tricks. It’s never too late to take your dog to obedience training. If your pet has already passed training school with flying colors, teach him a new trick this year.

Go to the vet

Some people only visit their doctor when they are sick. Don’t wait for your dog to get sick to visit the vet. View annual vet visits as a way to keep your dog from getting sick.

Start a grooming routine

It’s especially important to get in the habit of grooming Doodle dogs.  Start daily or weekly brushing, monthly bathing, regular trims, and annual or bi-annual visits to a professional groomer. Don’t forget to keep your Doodle’s nails trimmed!

Try something new

Maybe you and your dog walk the same route day in and day out. Freshen things up for you and your pet! Explore a new area, take your dog hiking, take your dog on a float trip this year, try jogging, or go to pet-friendly events or shops.

Make a clean routine

When was the last time that you washed your dog’s food and water dishes? Clean your dog’s dishes to eliminate bacteria, and occasionally wash your dog’s bedding to remove odors, dirt, and germs.

Make a new friend

Proper socialization is important for your dog’s behavior and mental well-being. Start visiting the dog park, or set up doggie play dates with friends.

Spend more time with your pet

Many of the New Year’s resolutions for dog owners listed above are about spending more quality time with your pet. Doodles are very social dogs that love nothing more than spending time with their people. Take a look at our Goldendoodle puppies ready for their new forever homes!