Keeping fit for Goldendoodles

Across the country we’re under the oppressive weight of a sizzling heat wave. It can be hard to brave the temperatures and step outside the comforts of the air conditioning and refreshing glass of lemonade. But we need to do it. Not just for ourselves, but for our Goldendoodle companions as well.

If you don’t want to get out in the heat, it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine that your dog would also rather stay indoors and hope the sweltering temperatures cool off a little bit. When we humans exercise, we often like to have a workout partner, a motivator for us and someone we can encourage ourselves.

This isn’t any different for your companion. You may have a lush backyard with plenty of space in which to roam and play, but your Goldendoodle needs your participation and interaction to get up and go. Dogs are social creatures. They need a workout partner as well. You!

Benefits of exercise

After a good workout or long run, many people like to relax. They don’t go around getting in trouble. Idle hands are the devil’s playground. It’s hard to get in trouble if you’re recovering from a workout. Same thing goes for your Goldendoodle. If she gets regular exercise, she won’t be much interested in chewing up the furniture or foraging in the kitchen garbage.

Dogs are social creatures—especially our beloved Goldendoodles—that do not get any benefit from a sedentary lifestyle. Activity is in their DNA. They want to work at hunting or herding. It makes them happy. It doesn’t even feel like work for them. 

An active dog receives immeasurable benefits from regular exercise—it assists digestion, helps regulate sleep and metabolic functions, promotes better sleeps, and helps keep her agile and limber. Spending all day cooped up inside is about as beneficial for your Goldendoodle as never getting up from the couch is for us.

What is exercise?

We all know someone who has to get his steps in, right? Exercise is something that will get your dog’s heart rate up—and yours as well. Your Goldendoodle loves to play. Take a ball or a frisbee. Throw them around. Let her chase them. Staying active — this is exercise. And it’s fun.

During the hottest parts of the year—especially the recent heat waves—it is best to get outside before the heat of the day climbs to high. An early morning walk with your Goldendoodle to a park or field where she can chase the ball is perfect.

You want to play long and hard enough with her that she is panting. That is exercise. Let her catch her breath, then walk back to the house. If the heat isn’t too bad in the evening, you can do it again. Sixty minutes of exercise a day is going to be good for your Goldendoodle.

Remember to be cognizant of your companion’s limitations. Check with your vet before changing things up too much—the same as you would check with your doctor before beginning a new program. Puppies and older dogs are going to be different. But exercise is important for every dog and human.