How to Buy Your Goldendoodle Puppy Online

Goldendoodles make great family dogs! You can visit a Goldendoodle breeder like Platinum Goldendoodles or buy a Goldendoodle at a pet shop. However, there’s an easier and more modern way. You can buy your Goldendoodle puppy online.

Find your perfect Goldendoodle puppy

Start on the Available Puppies page, where you can see all the puppies we have ready right now. Click on any pup’s picture to see more information about them, including the price and some information about that puppy’s temperament.

It’s fun to shop our dogs! You can also pick up puppy food or any other items you need in our ecommerce store.

Put your pup in your cart

Of course, you won’t really be putting your dog into a shopping cart. When you buy your Goldendoodle puppy online, though, you can virtually add your dog to your virtual cart. That means that he or she will be reserved for you.

There are two ways to make sure we keep your puppy for you. You can choose to make a deposit of $250 per dog, or you can pay the full price of your puppy. Just choose your preferred method buy clicking on either “Pay Deposit” or “Pay in Full.” Click on the “Add to Cart” button, and you’re ready to check out.

Buy Your Goldendoodle Puppy Online

When you click on “Checkout,” you’ll have a form to fill out. You’ll give us your name, so we know who to save your chosen puppy for, and your address and contact information.

You will also choose how you prefer to pay.

You can choose a Direct Bank Transfer. This allows you to send funds from your bank directly to our bank account. You can put a check in the mail. Or you can use PayPal, a safe and secure electronic payment platform. You can use PayPal even if you don’t have a PayPal account, by following the simple instructions to use a credit card at PayPal.

PayPal also offers financing options.

Do you need help?

Call us today at 501.514.1026. At any step along the way — from choosing the just-right puppy to arranging payment — we will be happy to help you.

If you don’t call us, we will reach out to you to arrange for transport for your puppy. We can meet you with your dog or ship your furever friend to you anywhere in the United States.