How Often Do Goldendoodles Need Haircuts?

Yes, Goldendoodles and Goldendoodle puppies need haircuts.  If left unclipped, your Goldendoodle’s fur can grow up to eight inches long! Your pup might not mind, but long fur is difficult to manage. That luscious jungle of fur will start collecting twigs, dirt, grass, debris, and develop mats and tangles that simply can’t be undone.

How often do Goldendoodles need haircuts?

There isn’t an exact answer to this question. Just like with your own hair, how often you get it cut depends on your personal preference and how quickly your hair grows. However, most Goldendoodles should get a haircut every six to eight weeks. The longer the fur, the more often it needs to be groomed.

Some people like longer fur on a Goldendoodle, but a shorter coat is easier to brush and keep tangle-free. Keeping your Goldendoodle at a shorter clip can help with managing the health and appearance of your pet’s coat.

Regardless of how long your Goldendoodle’s coat is, make sure that you trim the hair around the eyes, the hair between the pads of the feet, and the hair under the tail and belly every six weeks.

Brush your Goldendoodle between haircuts

Grooming needs for a Goldendoodle are fairly straightforward. If you keep up with daily or weekly brushing, you can keep your pet’s coat free of mats and tangles. However, it can be difficult to maintain your Goldendoodle’s coat if you fall behind on brushing. Always be sure to brush all the way down to the skin and not just the top of your dog’s coat.

There’s a lot of variety with Goldendoodle coats. Some Goldendoodles have a curly coat that resembles a Poodle coat. Other Goldendoodles have wavy coats more like a Golden Retriever, and some Goldendoodle coats land somewhere in between. Typically, curly coats are more difficult to manage than wavy coats.

Even if you and your Goldendoodle aren’t that into stylish haircuts, your Goldendoodle should go in for professional grooming at least twice a year.

So how often do Goldendoodles need haircuts? It really depends on personal preference and the type of coat that your Goldendoodle has. Generally speaking, you should give your Goldendoodle at least a trim every one to two months.

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