Black Goldendoodle Puppies

Black Goldendoodle Puppies

Let’s talk about Black Goldendoodle Puppies and just how gorgeous they are! Talk about stunning, black Goldendoodle’s have a look all of their own, with a sleek dark black coat, and teddy bear faces Goldendoodles truly look like little black bears!

We have some amazing Black Goldendoodle Puppies up for grabs right now. In this litter we have both the flat coats and the extra curly coats available. Cole for example, in the above pictures has more of a flat coat and thick teddy bear face. He is truly remarkable and will be the kind of dog that turns heads! He is also a micro mini, expecting to top out around 20-30 lbs. when full grown.

Then we have his brother Bear, who has more of the curly coat. You can check them all out under our available puppies page. Again this is a micro mini Black Goldendoodle litter, that will average 20-30 lbs. when full grown.

goldendoodle puppies

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