Benefits of Walking Your Dog

There are several benefits of walking your dog — for you as well as your pet. If you are looking for ways to keep your dog healthy, or if you want to be a more responsible dog owner, start walking your dog daily.

Walking improves your health.

Everyone needs physical activity at every age, and walking is an excellent way to get the movement you need each day.

It’s good for your heart, helps you burn excess calories, and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Going for daily walks can help promote sleep better and improve your mood.

One of the best things about walking is that it’s an activity that you can do with the whole family, including your dog!

Walking improves your dog’s health.

Your dog enjoys all of the same health benefits that you enjoy from walking: improved mood, better sleep, healthy weight management, and better overall health.

In fact, walking may benefit dogs even more than it benefits people. Think about what your dog does during the day when you’re not around. He probably sleeps. You get to move around and enjoy different people and different places throughout the day, but your dog is stuck at home.

He will love talking a walk around the block, or going for a stroll through the park.

Bond with your dog while walking.

The more time that you spend engaging with your dog, the stronger your bond becomes. Walking your dog presents a great opportunity to bond with your pet while being physically active at the same time.

Walking your dog lets you socialize your pet.

If you never take your dog for walks, your dog may assume that he is the only dog and your family are the only people living on the planet. Your dog might not have this exact thought, but if you don’t properly socialize your pet, he will be less sociable towards new people and other dogs.

Even friendly and agreeable dogs like Doodles may be unfriendly towards strangers and new dogs if they are not socialized. Talking around your neighborhood, at the park, or around town is a good way for your dog to get comfortable with meeting new people in unfamiliar settings.

Walking your dog helps prevent behavioral issues.

Dogs that are depressed, bored, or dogs that have too much unspent energy can act out. They may chew on furniture, dig holes, destroy belongings, or otherwise get into trouble. It’s not because they are bad, but because they are feeling restless or upset.

Walking your dog every day helps relieve this restlessness, and it helps promote a happier and healthier dog.

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