6 Common Questions for New Puppy Owners

Bringing a new puppy into your home is an exciting experience for your family. It can also be intimidating if you’re a new dog owner. Here is some information to help new dog owners get ready to welcome a puppy into the family.

What equipment do you need for a new puppy?

You can go all out and spoil your new puppy, or you can get by with just the basics. There are a few items that every new dog owner must have, however:

  • food bowl
  • water bowl
  • leash
  • collar
  • identification tags
  • a place for your puppy to sleep
  • a place for your puppy to stay while you’re away

When should I start training?

Your puppy can start training classes as young as seven to eight weeks of age. If you don’t start formal training classes at this time, at least begin training at home and socializing your puppy.

Waiting too long to start training your puppy can lead to behavioral issues that are difficult to correct.

How much food should a puppy eat?

Weight is the best way to decide how much food a puppy should eat. Older dogs can eat twice a day, but puppies should eat smaller portions throughout the day.

Avoid giving your puppy scraps from the table and food meant for people. This can prevent a bad begging habit, and it keeps your dog safe from human foods that are bad for dogs.

When should I socialize my puppy?

The earlier you start socializing your puppy, the better. Animal behavior specialists recommend that you start socialization classes at seven to eight weeks of age.

You also want to introduce your puppy to a variety of places and situations. Go to dog parks, take your puppy to doggy daycare, go to the groomers, go for walks around the neighborhood, the park, and go to your local farmer’s market.

When should my puppy go to the vet?

Puppies need their first vaccinations around six to eight weeks of age. After 12 weeks of age, you can bring your puppy in for the first round of rabies vaccine. After that, your vet will tell you when to come in.

The American Kennel Club has a puppy vaccination schedule for reference.

Our Goldendoodle puppies go through a complete vet check up before leaving for their new forever homes. They are de-wormed on a regular schedule and are up to-date on all of their shots.

Our Goldendoodle puppies come with a detailed shot record, a health certificate, and a 2-year health guarantee.

Do I need to puppy proof my home?

Create a safe environment for your new puppy. This will keep your puppy out of danger, and it will help prevent damage to your floors, carpets, furniture, and belongings.

  • If you don’t want a puppy going to a room or closet, keep the door closed.
  • Puppies like to chew on things. Make sure that your dog doesn’t chew on power cables —contain, cover, or move them.
  • Check your fence and make sure that there are no gaps, holes, or missing boards. Keep an eye on your new puppy to see if he likes to dig.
  • Make sure that cleaning supplies is out of reach.

Puppy proofing your home can help keep your puppy safe from harm and prevent damage to your belongings, but it can also give you a false sense of security. Keep an eye on your puppy. They are curious and they can get into trouble.

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