5 Things to Enjoy with Your Goldendoodle in Arkansas

If you are running out of things to do before the winter temperatures set in, then this bucket list is sure to keep you busy. There are so many beautiful sights to see with your Goldendoodle in Arkansas, so why wait? Get outside today and explore this beautiful state with your favorite companion!

  • Delta Heritage Trail State Park

This pet-friendly state park is loaded with over 20 miles of trails which makes it a great place to visit over and over. You will be able to explore new trails during each hike and watch the foliage change through every season! Delta Heritage State Park is located in West Helena along Highway 49.

  • Devil’s Den State Park

Take your Goldendoodle deep into the Ozarks this year! This state park provides you and your four-legged friend with opportunities to explore bluffs, caves, and forests. The park is breathtaking at any time of year with its sweeping mountain views and stunning overlooks in West Fork. Pictures anyone?

  • Mississippi River State Park

Time for a swimming adventure? Head to the Mississippi River in Marianna, Arkansas. You’ll be able to fish or hike at your leisure. Not to mention the miles of trails ready to be explored, Here, you can camp overnight and make your trip a weekend escapade. Your Goldendoodle will love all of the different experiences available at Mississippi State Park.

  • Post Familie Vineyards & Winery

If you’re looking for a slightly less strenuous activity, then this Goldendoodle-friendly vineyard is your ideal destination! You’ll be welcomed to enjoy some of Arkansas’s finest wines with your Goldendoodle.  Explore the vineyard at your leisure – just keep your Goldendoodle out of the grapes as they are poisonous to dogs!

  • Cedar Falls

When your water-loving Goldendoodle is ready for a magical experience, then take a trip to Cedar Falls to take in the sights and sounds of the almost 100-foot waterfall! The falls are accessible through the Cedar Falls Trail, just over 2 miles long. The waterfall is located in Petit Jean State Park in Conway County. Take a swim and create a life-long memory with your Goldendoodle!

Arkansas is a state teeming with outdoor experiences and opportunities to bond with your Goldendoodle. This is a breed that will revel in the chance to go on an adventure with you! So don’t hold back, get outside today and explore Arkansas!