10 Tips for Camping With a Dog

Camping is a great activity that your entire family can enjoy together; this includes your dog, too! Camping with a dog isn’t exactly like camping with people, though. There are some things that you should know before you try camping with your dog.

Know your dog

Understand your dog’s personality and abilities before you decide to go camping.

  • Is your dog friendly, and is he good with strangers?
  • Does your dog know how to swim?
  • Does your dog come when called?
  • Will your dog wander?
  • Does your dog scare easily?
  • Will your dog chase small animals?
  • Does your dog prefer to romp and run, or relax?

Teach your dog to camp

Try setting up your camping equipment before you go camping with your dog. You could even try to pitch a tent in your backyard and see how your dog does spending a night in the tent. This gives you a sense of how your dog will do while camping, and it also helps your dog get comfortable with camping.

Check leash laws

Make sure that dogs are actually allowed wherever it is you will be camping. Regulations vary between state parks, and between national parks. National forest land is typically dog-friendly, but there’s no telling with privately owned campgrounds.

Sometimes dogs are allowed but must be kept on a leash at all times. There are places where dogs are allowed at a campsite, but they’re not allowed on trails. Sometimes dogs aren’t allowed at all.

Your best bet is to call ahead and ask before heading out.

Make your dog more visible

Put a reflective collar on your dog, or attach reflective material or lights that make it easy to spot your dog in the dark. This is especially important if your dog is a dark color.

Watch out for ticks

Make sure that your dog has had his flea and tick medicine recently. Be sure to thoroughly check for ticks while camping and when you get home. We have some tips for preventing ticks from biting your dog.

Bring water for your dog

It’s important to bring clean drinking water for your dog even if you’re camping near a river, lake, or stream. Chemicals, bacteria, and viruses can contaminate natural bodies of water, which makes them unsafe to drink. Don’t let your dog drink any water that you wouldn’t drink.

Trolley or tie out

It’s a good idea to tether your dog even if there aren’t leash laws. Your dog is in an unfamiliar place, and there are lots of sights, smells, and wildlife that could be distracting for your dog.

Attaching your dog to a ground tie out or trolley line keeps your dog secure without the need for holding on to a leash. An easy way to set up a trolley is by stringing a line between two trees and attaching your dog’s leash to the line.

Whether you choose a ground tie out or a trolley, make sure that your dog has plenty of room to move around.

Where will your dog sleep?

Will your dog sleep outside of your tent, or will he sleep in your tent with you? Will you have your dog tethered to a tie out, or will he sleep in a crate? Do you need do bring a bed or make a pallet for your dog?

A crate might be the most comfortable for your dog if your dog is crate trained. Your dog might get restless if he isn’t used to sleeping in a tent, but you don’t want to leave your dog outside of the tent without a tie out.

Consider what the best arrangement for your dog is before you get out there!

Wear your dog out!

Run and play with your dog as much as he can stand. Hike, explore, play fetch, swim, and do what you can to make sure your dog is worn out. Tired dogs are more obedient and less likely to get into trouble. This will also help your dog sleep through the night in a new environment and unfamiliar situation.

Dog camping checklist

  • food and water bowls
  • food
  • water
  • extra towel
  • waste bags
  • bed or blanket
  • leash
  • tie out
  • toys
  • treats
  • dog tags
  • brush or comb (for burs and debris)
  • tweezers (for ticks)

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