Your Goldendoodle’s First Bath

So, you’ve brought home your new Goldendoodle puppy and it’s time for their first bath and grooming experience. Your puppy may be a little skittish, but there are ways to keep your Doodle at ease during their first bathing experience!

Gather all of the supplies you’ll need and have them close at hand. Your supplies should include a gentle shampoo-plus-conditioner for dogs, a dog brush made for thick fur, a towel, and, yes, a hairdryer! If it’s time for a nail trim, be sure to have your nail clippers nearby as well. This way, you’re not running around during bath time, adding extra stress to a messy situation!

Get started

Start by letting your dog investigate all of the tools you’ll be using, one at a time. Let them sniff and play with the brush, then move on to gently combing through their hair. Brushing is something your puppy will need at least once a week, so it is vital to make them as comfortable as possible to ensure cooperation into their adult years. Brushing out their coat before bathing them will make it easier to comb them once they’re dry.

Then, gently place your puppy into a bath tub filled with warm water. They may be uncomfortable at first, but remain calm and patient, giving them as much time as they need. As they adjust to this new environment, provide lots of praise and treats! This will ensure your puppy is well socialized for a lifetime of grooming needs.


When your puppy is comfortable, move on to your shampoo! Make sure their coat is fully saturated with water and gently massage the shampoo into their fur, avoiding their eyes, mouth, and ears. Clean these sensitive areas with a damp cloth or toothbrush. Rinse them thoroughly until all of the suds are gone with a removable shower head or a large cup. Leftover shampoo can make brushing more difficult later on.

After your puppy is shampooed and rinsed, you can move on to the drying process. Use a towel to wipe down your Goldendoodle and let them shake off the excess water. Pay close attention to cleaning and drying their ears, inside and out – damp, dirty ear canals can cause an infection!


When your puppy is damp and your towel is soaked, bring out the hairdryer! Use a low heat and velocity setting for their first blow dry to prevent nervousness. This will prepare your Goldendoodle for future trips to the groomer and the bathtub alike!

When your Goldendoodle is completely dry, you can finish their grooming by giving them a thorough brush. Brushing your puppy before and after bathing will prevent uncomfortable mats and knots.

Next, introduce them to the nail clippers. Let them sniff and investigate while gently touching and handling your puppy’s paws. Socializing your Goldendoodle with nail trimming as young as possible will ensure comfortability throughout their life!

Now, you have an adorable, clean puppy. That is… until their next adventure!