Why You Should Brush Your Goldendoodle and How to Make it a Habit

There are several reasons why you should brush your Goldendoodle; routine brushing keeps your dog’s coat healthy and looking great, it helps maintain cleanliness, and it provides an opportunity to bond with your pet. Maybe you don’t brush your dog as often as you would like — you keep putting it off, you’re too busy, or you just forget. Here’s why it’s important to brush your Goldendoodle, and how to make it a habit.

Why it’s important to brush your Goldendoodle

One of the most obvious reasons you should brush your Goldendoodle regularly is that it improves the appearance of your pet’s coat. Brushing increases the volume, promotes a healthy shine, prevents mats and tangles.

Regular brushing remove loose hair and fur from your Goldendoodle’s coat. Most Goldendoodles have lightly-shedding or non-shedding coats, but all dogs lose gradually lose hair. Brushing gets this loose hair out of your dog’s coat and keeps it off the floors in your home.

Routine brushing helps remove pet dander, which is what causes allergic reactions for people who have a pet allergy.

Brushing improves the appearance, but it also promotes a healthy coat for your Goldendoodle. It removes excess dander, hair, and dirt, and evenly distributes the natural oils in your dog’s coat.

Another reason you should always brush your dog is that it keeps your dog healthy. Brushing gives you the opportunity to check for fleas and ticks and look for hot spots, rashes, tender areas, and lumps.

Spending time with your pet is important for bonding, and brushing allows you to get close and cozy with your Goldendoodle.

How to make regular brushing a habit

The first thing that you need to do to get in the habit of brushing your dog’s coat is to prioritize it —  view it like you view brushing your teeth. You don’t just brush your teeth when you feel like it; you do it every morning and every night because you know it’s important.

The next step is adding brushing your Goldendoodle to your regular routine. You will have to make a deliberate effort to remember at first, but it will gradually become a habit. There are a few things that you can do to help yourself remember:

  • set a reminder on your phone
  • attach brushing your dog to something that you already do (brush your dog after dinner or after your Goldendoodle eats)
  • ask family members to help remember and take turns brushing your pet
  • getting a good brush makes it more fun to brush your Goldendoodle and improves the results

Some dogs don’t enjoy being brushed at first. The good news is that your dog will enjoy being brushed the more he is brushed.

Starts slow, be gentle, and make brushing an enjoyable experience for your Goldendoodle. Reward your pet with a treat after brushing. Your Goldendoodle will learn to love grooming time the more you brush him.

Remember to brush with the natural direction of your Goldendoodle’s coat— don’t just brush the topcoat. Brush all the way down to your dog’s skin. Start brushing your Goldendoodle as a puppy; this helps your dog get used to brushing at a young age.