Goldendoodle Puppies are some of the absolute best dogs on the  planet!

You might be asking yourself, “What makes a Goldendoodles such a great companion dog?”


Well stick around us, and we will be glad to show you. Platinum Goldendoodles has been raising this amazing breed for over 7 years, and we have tons of reasons why Goldendoodles are top ranked dogs.


Did you know that a lot of Goldendoodles are so smart, they are used as guide and therapy dogs?


Goldendoodles also make great Educational Assistant Dogs and “Read Dogs”.


Not to mention, they are wonderful with children and are truly some of the most gentle dogs on the planet.


To prove our point, keep scrolling down and you can see for yourself!


godlendoodles and babies

Goldendoodles are great with babies!



They have the best Mohawks around!


Doodles make the best snuggle bunnies!


They know how to have a good time.


They make great bridesmaids!


They love a good horse race!

They love being on night watch.


They double as body guards!


They love to travel~


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