Why Choose Goldendoodles?

Picking out a dog to welcome into your home is a big decision. What kind of animal are you looking for? One that is good with kids? One that isn’t aggressive with other dogs? Maybe, you want one that doesn’t shed its hair all over your house at the slightest change in the weather. Choose Goldendoodles and you can meet all three of those goals.

The perfect choice could be a Goldendoodle. This breed is not recognized by the either the British or American Kennel Clubs. But they have been around since the late ’60s when the great-granddaughter of novelist Charles Dickens first crossed a Poodle with a Golden Retriever.

What makes the Goldendoodle a great addition to the home wanting a canine companion? The list is long and detailed. Some of the reasons that we can dive deeper into are demeanor, intelligence, ease of training, and overall health.

Calm, playful demeanor

If you’ve seen many dog food or pet products commercials, then you have probably witnessed a Golden Retriever bounding in slow motion through a field of lush, green grasses as it chases after a ball. Or maybe seen one playing with a smiling family.

Goldendoodles tend to have the playful and enthusiastic nature of Golden Retrievers, exhibiting a high level of energy and loyalty to their adopted family. And guess what? They love to chase after balls, sticks, and other toys so they can bring them back to you.

Pretty smart too

Poodles possess an extremely high level of intelligence, making them easy to train for all sorts of purposes. As one of the parents of a Goldendoodle, they pass this trait on to their progeny. They can be trained to track scents, retrieve objects or game, hunt, and obey commands.

The Poodles is the national dog of France despite many historians believing the breed originated in Germany. It was bred for its ability to retrieve birds from bodies of water. Poodle is derived from the Low German word puddeln which means “to splash.”

Because of their easy-going demeanor and heightened intelligence, a Goldendoodle makes an excellent therapy dog. They love to play as well as cuddle close for leisurely petting. A Goldendoodle brings out the smiles in almost everyone.

Little mess

Goldendoodles, like their Poodle parents, have curls. When a person is allergic to dogs, it is typically the proteins attached to loose hair that cause the trouble. What makes Goldendoodles great is that their curls tend to trap the hair as it falls out.

This means you’re not following your companion around with a trash bag picking up clumps of hair. With less loose hair, a Goldendoodle is less likely to aggravate allergies. With less loose hair, you don’t need to vacuum your home so often.

Overall health and vigor

Scientists will tell you that hybrid breeds—of which Goldendoodles are an example—generally have stronger health than either parent breed without the risk of passing on undesirable genetic traits. This is called hybrid vigor, or heterosis.

That vigor means your Goldendoodle has an excellent chance to outlive either parent breed, giving you many more years of enjoyment.

Choose Goldendoodles!

We breed Goldendoodles, so we know that they are wonderful dogs. Our Goldendoodles are all hand-raised and socialized on our Arkansas farm with people and other animals. They come with a health guarantee and papers.

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