Why are therapy dogs on the rise in the public school system?

Why are therapy dogs on the rise in the public school system?

If you didn’t know Platinum Goldie’s has more than one therapy dog in the state of Arkansas. These dogs serve many purposes to help student make it through the school day.

Today we are featuring Valley Springs Elementary.

Meet Charlie,

His owner and AMAZING, Elementary School Media Specialist, Melissa McDonald has worked her “tail” off to help Charlie become a certified school therapy dog.

Charlie goes to school each morning with Melissa and greets the students with a waggin’ tail and sometimes a wet kiss! Valley Springs School District implemented Charlie into their daily schedule to help students struggling with anxiety, sadness, loneliness, fear, worry…etc. Many therapy dogs help students become comfortable in the school setting and help them feel more at ease. The purpose of having Charlie is to help students feel like their school is a happy place to be!

Charlie has become a familiar face amongst the students and teachers!

Charlie has been through a series of classes to earn his credentials, along with his owner Melissa.

The other day we were reading a post Melissa made on her social media page. If you have ever wondering “Why?” Here is your why….

Posted from Melissa’s page,

“Sometimes as I sit back and watch this guy love on my students I have to fight back tears (and if you know me, you know I’m NOT a crier). As the students come in every day, class after class, he never fails to greet them and move about them as they gather on the story rug so each one can touch him, pet him, grab him 😬, talk to him, and just love on him. He is very patient, even when they are occasionally over zealous in their “loving”. Even with the littlest of the littles from preschool, he just allows them to touch, pat, pull, hug, giggle, and squeal to their heart’s content, occasionally planting a slobbery kiss on their face. I understand that some adults and parents may question his relevancy and his purpose on our campus. I also know if they could watch him with these babies, all doubt would surely be erased. Yes, he barks (he IS a dog), and yes if you are a stranger or a man he is going to bark at you all the while he is cowering, trying to put space between you and him. But if you are one of his kids or teachers (his pack) he is going to love you unconditionally.”

If you are and educator and have been on the fence about adding a therapy dog to your school, please give us a call!

We would love to help you find the perfect puppy to fit into your curriculum!


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